Stand With Eric and Jillian

An update from Eric and Jillian.

Eric and Jillian’s pre-trial originally set for December 8th and rescheduled for January 26th was held as scheduled, however the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office requested that there be a second pre-trial which has been scheduled April 20th, 2021. Due to the recent elections, a new prosecutor has taken office and needs time to get up to speed on the case before proceeding with a potential trial.

What this means for Eric and Jillian? This means life will continue to remain as it has for the past 7 months. Restrained to the State of Michigan with Felony assault charges hanging over their heads and unable to move on from this ordeal. Presently, they are both still unemployed. Every job they've applied for has resulted in the same outcome, no employment. Jillian is currently receiving unemployment, however Eric has been denied unemployment by the State of Michigan as Oakland University has fought this benefit at every appeal. With 4 children, 3 of which are teens and one of them driving, they're on the verge of bankruptcy. They're not entirely sure how much longer they will be able to provide for their family and are doing their best to hold on. Any and all support in any form will be greatly appreciated. 

The Truth

There are news and media outlets showing edited versions of the video. It is imprtant for viewers to get the whole story and the the whole truth. Here is the full video from July 1st, 2020.

Eric and Jillian

Eric and Jillian speak to reporters about July 1st and the events that have happened since. Click the link below to watch the full interview on Click On Detroit.

watch full interview

Thank You!

As you may know, Eric and Jillian have lost their jobs from Oakland University and Hallmark Corporation respectively. Thank you so much to those who have offered to help share in the great financial burden Eric and Jillian are now facing.

For your convenience, we have posted several options that enable you to give. If you would like to give through PayPal or Fundrazr, just click the links. If you would like to give through Venmo, please use on your Venmo app.

The above statement is not a solicitation for donations. Any contributions are considered gifts to be used by the family as need is prevalent. The IRS defines gifts as being not tax deductible.